The year has started with such a BANG that we’re two weeks into March already, and we’re only “introducing” the year now – wow! Despite being extremely busy, it’s been an EXTRAORDINARY start to the year.

Pebbles Klopperpark was the first initiative to open their doors to the new year, on the 13th of January, with a humble beginning of only 35 children (versus our even more modest launch in 2016 with only 7 children!). However, the school has since grown to an astounding 63 children in total! What a phenomenal blessing that we’ve been offered in only 7 weeks!
Not all those families are able to cover their full school fees, so sponsorship is still very much appreciated and welcome. Contact us if you’d like more information on the privilege of sponsoring your own little one, and receiving all the social and financial benefits that come along with that!

Klopperpark Grade R’s, where the Life Team volunteers their time to teach the Grade R’s some basic gross and fine motor coordination skills through teamwork and play, restarted on the 22nd of February. They had 60 children, 30 in each Grade R class, and were able to start teaching them about Jesus and basic foundation skills from the get-go!
We’re really looking forward to seeing what amazing growth is in store for these children throughout this academic year – and trust you’ll support us in that process!
If getting involved with this initiative is something that intrigues you – please contact us!

Finally, we were also privileged to continue with our newly launched initiative, the Yeoville Homework Centre! This initiative was opened in August 2021, with a humble beginning of 1 to 2 attending students each week – but started up with 2 children on the 23rd of February, and 3 on the 2nd of March! We know that it’s small, but the growth is always welcome and very exciting for us!
This centre was also only directed to high schoolers in the Yeoville community, but has since been extended to Primary School children too!
The centre runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2pm – chat to us if you live in that community and would like to attend, or if you have capacity to support the program in the various needs it has.

We trust that you’re as thrilled for what 2022 holds, as we are! We’re extremely excited to see what God is going to do in and through our organisation, and we would love to introduce you to our family through whatever time, finances, donations-in kind or even prayers you have to offer us!

Contact us if you’d like more information on how to get involved.

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Since we opened Pebbles Klopperpark in July 2020, we have had to adapt and adjust to all the new regulations that the government had implemented in an attempt to keep our nation safe.

It hasn’t been an easy journey at all, but it is generosity received such as by Country Fresh that has carried us forward and helped us survive this trying time.

One of the regulations implemented for Early Childhood Development Centres is that each child has to have their own stationery and toys. Everything needs to be clearly marked and separate, and cleaned at the end of each day. Upon hearing this, we instantly commenced a hunt for containers that we could use to store these items!

We have 60 children at our school, and 31 children at Pebbles Primrose, so we knew that we had to quickly prioritize a hunt for almost 100 containers. We put out a request for containers on our social media platforms, and saw the most phenomenal response by our supporters and sponsors! But it wasn’t nearly enough…

Much to our surprise, Country Fresh actively located our cry for help on social media, and instantly showed interest! They escalated the need, and jumped through all the necessary hoops, urgently trying to help us with this matter.
And so, it was final! We received communication from them and delightfully went to visit them and pick up their generous donation!!

However, when we arrived on site, we instantly noticed that the ‘package’ seemed much bigger than we expected. It was at that moment that we were informed that they hadn’t just offered us 100 containers… they were donating 300 CONTAINERS! Triple the amount that we needed!!!

Words really cannot describe how blessed we feel by this somewhat “simple” donation. We were heard and actively helped by Country Fresh in a very trying and daunting time, and we will forever be grateful to the Country Fresh team!

Thank you so much Country Fresh, we really appreciate your generosity!

P.S: The little ‘attention-to-detail-bug’ inside us all is rejoicing at the fact that all the containers look the same, and the class looks so neat and colourful! Even that is a blessing.



“SPRING: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be”

– Unknown –

Today we welcomed Spring with hearts full of gratitude and love!
We all made a point of dressing up for the occasion, and celebrated CHANGE!

It has been such a dry, cold and desolate time for so many people around the world, but especially our nation! This year alone we’ve had to tackle Covid-19 head-on whilst watching our communities, homes and livelihoods be robbed and destroyed in the name of justice.
I think we can all agree that, coming out of 2020, and halfway through 2021, we understand what hurt, pain, loneliness and, most importantly, desperation feels like.

Our beneficiaries and organisations are not foreign to any of it, and we are all hurting too. We’ve had many funerals, many cries, many needs and many desperate moments… BUT GOD has been with us every step of the journey, and we have felt so embraced, so taken care of and so loved throughout these past few months. We’ve witnessed Him firsthand as he carried us over each mountain, provided for each of our needs and comforted us when nothing and no one else could.

Our hearts are sore, yes… but they are full! Full of wonder and glory for our Heavenly Father! Full of gratitude and appreciation for our supporters and sponsors! But, most importantly, full of love and enthusiasm for our beneficiaries! We’ve come out of this season so complete and excited, because we know that Spring never fails. The seasons we go through are NEVER eternal. I love online pharmacies that not only sell meds but also give extended information on each drug they offer. The service I’ve recently found is called The choice of drugs there is huge, and I like that they have both brand and generic medications. Also, they offer all possible Cipro dosage forms and strengths. A very good pharmacy for me.

So, our encouragement to you all is to just breathe.
Breathe in the beautiful fragrance of a new season that we’re all walking into.
Breathe in the peace that is promised to us and that transcends all understanding.
Breathe in the warmth of our gracious and ever-present Father, who loves and knows you better than anyone ever could.

“Be still and know that I am God”

– Psalm 46:10 –


In March 2021, Pebbles Klopperpark was officially accepted as a MySchool under the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet loyalty programme! What a CELEBRATION!


Ukwakha Isizwe Foundation is constantly trying to find new ways to raise funding for our projects and beneficiaries without asking much of our supporters! There are creative programmes, such as MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, where they’ve been established to support organisations WITHOUT requesting money from the public. Where the public is encouraged, in this case, to sign up for a virtual card and just show it at their next shop, which they were probably going to buy anyway.

That said, we are ecstatic to announce that we have been accepted into this programme, and we’re hoping you’ll jump on board and support us as your beneficiary of choice on MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet.


What you need to do?

  1. Sign up via Download the MySchool App, so that you can have your virtual card with you whenever you shop!
  2. Select up to 3 causes you love (don’t forget to choose Pebbles Klopperpark as one of them!)!
  3. Shop at the partners, and we’ll receive a percentage of every swipe you make!

Here are some of the main partners where you can swipe your card at:

  • Woolworths;
  • Engen (the convenience store only);
  • Builders Warehouse;
  • Jack’s Paint;
  • Waltons;
  • Supa Quick;
  • See more here:


Please contact us if you’re having any difficulties, and would like our assistance! | 011 616 4073


Play a part in the life of one of our little kiddies from Klopperpark by ADOPTING them for the year!
In a nutshell, your donation will provide 2 meals and 2 snacks everyday, free aftercare (with generic Ambien), free education, clothing, gifts and so much more!

Read the information below, and contact us for more information on how to get involved!

Contact us below for more information on how to get involved!

[contact-form to=”” subject=”Pebbles Klopperpark – Adopt-a-Child Initiative”][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″][contact-field label=”I’d love to Adopt a Child, please send me the information I need to choose my child, and the pledge form!” type=”checkbox”][contact-field label=”Comments” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]

Have you registered your 3-6 year old for school yet?

If not, do not worry! Pebbles Klopperpark is open and currently accepting new registrations for 2021!

Contact us below for more information, and head on to our social media page to see more photos of our facilities.

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Pebbles Nursery School Klopperpark had it’s first concert and year end party on Saturday 26 November 2016. The children did so well and both parents and children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done to the principal for 2016, Geraldine Tee and her staff, Cornerstone Church Life Team lead by Tebogo Ntuli, as well as the fundraising team, for doing an excellent job in setting up and catering. Pebbles Klopperpark were also able to give each child a Christmas shoe box, generously donated by a group of ladies and the fund raising team.

Thank you to the team of people who hosted the monthly Good Morning fundraising breakfast for the parents of Pebbles Nursery School Bedfordview. Along with delighting parents with their incredible spread of food they also managed to raise R10 000 in Profit for Pebbles Klopperpark and Pebbles Primrose. The schools are so grateful for the generosity of all who donated this year.

Pebbles Nursery School Primrose has seen incredible growth this past year, the school ended last year with ten children, of which two graduated and continued on to Primary School. This year Pebbles ended with 21 children of which 5 have graduated. The school celebrated the end of the year with their annual concert and graduation. The children had a wonderful time showcasing some of what they have learnt this year. The children were energetic and enjoyed the attention of being in the limelight. The parents celebrated with their children and applauded them proudly. It was also a lovely opportunity to thank all those involved with making it possible to keep the doors open at Pebbles Primrose this year.

A team from the Pebbles Nursery School Primrose went to the Makuasi Informal Settlement, in November 2016, to meet with the Community Leaders in order to discuss problems raised by the residents of Makausi. The concerns raised:
– That Pebbles Primrose was providing children with an education outside of the community.
– That these children should rather be benefitted at the local schools.
– That local schools were being robbed of the opportunity to educate these children.
– That the transport provided to the students should be provided by local taxi drivers and not be outsourced to individuals that are not part of their community.

After discussing the matters the team was able to assure the leaders that, the school only accept families, that are unemployed and in dire situations.

Pebbles Primrose have assured the leaders that the school will be working alongside them more closely. Pebbles will endeavour to involve more people from the community when work opportunities arise.

Lunga, the co-operative governance and traditional affairs leader of Makausi, managed the meeting well and was able to bring peace and relationship from the meeting. The relationship that was formed with the community leaders will continue to grow and bring about growth for the community and for Pebbles Primrose.