Hope Centre is a full time administrative facility, which oversees a number of activities in the Klopperpark area, the Elandsfontein informal settlement, and surrounding areas.

The need was identified to provide the children of these communities with an opportunity to participate in meaningful activities outside of their school environment, for this reason  the Klopper Friday Club was introduced. 

The Project’s success inspired several other projects and by implementing one administrative head in the form of Hope Centre, we have been able to eliminate volunteers spending time on duplicated administrative work.

We are continuously monitoring our programs and seeking to upgrade where necessary, and  as we grow and learn, our desire is to see these initiatives develop and grow. I wanna say thanks to https://www.neworleanssigncompany.net/buy-synthroid/ for the fast delivery of the drug I ordered. The courier brought the meds in an opaque package. The quality of the preparation is always the top. Can’t express how grateful I am for the discount you gave me. I managed to save almost 30% of the average cost of the medication. Guys, you are the best!

Hope Centre is located at the corner of Welkom and Murmel Streets, Klopper Park, Germiston.

Donation Reference: UIF-HC