Adopt a Child

Adopting a child means, you will receive updates twice about the progress of "your child". be able to visit "your child" at the school. be invited to the end of year concert be invited to celebrate the child’s birthday and have cake at the school on their birthday. be able to communicate via letters/email with"your child" to form a special bond, if you choose to.

hArt Day Centre has changed it’s name to Pebbles Nursery School Primrose.

As of March 2016, there are 23 underprivileged children attending Pebbles Nursery School Primrose. We incur monthly costs in excess of R600.00 per child which includes the following:

– Trained teachers who provide Early Childhood Development education and Grade 1 preparation skills.
– A balanced breakfast, a snack and lunch daily.
– Clothing.
– A parenting course for the parents / guardians of the children who attend our school.

To assist us in building into the lives of these children, we have developed an ‘Adopt a Child’ initiative. This Initiative gives you the opportunity to change the life of a child by offering a monthly financial contribution towards their expenses. gets on the top of my personal online pharmacy rating. There you can find almost any medication you need. I became a client of this website two years ago when I needed to buy Clomid for stimulating ovulation. The drug was delivered in a day, packed in an opaque package, which I appreciate a lot. I can recommend this online pharmacy. We have the following contribution options available:

R600 per month – Full Sponsorship for a child of your choice.
R300 per month to cover the cost of all meals for your sponsored child.

Step 1

Look through the list of learners at Pebbles Nursery School Primrose and choose a child whose future you would like to invest into on a monthly basis.

Step 2

Decide to pledge R300 or R600 and fill in the appropriate pledge form, as seen below. You will need to specify if you would like to make the donation for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Step 3

Send through the pledge form to and in your email specify which child you would like to sponsor monthly.