How to donate to Ukwakha Isizwe

We value your donations immensely.

If you would like to make a once-off donation:

If you would like to make a monthly debit order:

Download the PDF form to the right, fill it in and return it to

1. You can either agree to a monthly debit order (of any amount).

2. Or you can contribute once-off.

For any amount donated over R100 we can also issue you with a Section 18A Tax Certificate. This is a Tax Certificate that allows any person or company which contributes to a non-profit organisation (NPO) or public benefit organisation (PBO) to submit a tax claim. Ukwakha Isizwe is both a registered NPO and PBO. Read more about Ukwakha Isizwe’s vision and mission.

Please contact us for further enquiries regarding your Section 18A Tax Certificate.

Donate to a specific project

If you would like to ensure that your donation goes to a specific project, you can donate online or please indicate as such on the PDF form.

See all our projects.

Each of our projects fall into the categories set out by the Income Tax Act, 1962 (Act 58 of 1962), Ninth Schedule (Section 30), Public Benefit Activities.