Paradigm Shift works alongside churches to develop a more effective, sustainable way to reach the poor in their communities. It believes that a more sustainable approach to poverty alleviation creates empowerment rather than dependency.

The key is in helping to develop entrepreneurship. Paradigm Shift provides training, coaching, resources and materials to partner churches to implement the Paradigm Shift entrepreneurship development program in their communities. The program specifically targets individuals who turn to entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty (microentrepreneurs). It aims to help these microentrepreneurs grow their businesses beyond subsistence by providing them with Business training, Discipleship, Microcredit. and Mentorship.

Why Enterpreneurship?

Entrepreneurship creates empowerment and places an individual in the driver’s seat of changing their own circumstances. In South Africa, the unemployment rate is so high that, often, even the most industrious cannot find work to put food on the table. So out of sheer necessity many people create their own small businesses as a path toward financial sustainability.

However, these microentrepreneurs often lack the basic business skills and capital required for their businesses to grow. As a result, these businesses remain stunted and operate at a subsistence level, making it difficult for microentrepreneurs to meet their basic needs.

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The Paradigm Shift program was designed to give microentrepreneurs business training and microloans to grow their businesses and create financial sustainability for their families. The program also meets microentrepreneurs’ spiritual and personal development needs by providing discipleship and mentorship.

Donation Reference: UIF-PS

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