This initiative was born out of the need for underprivileged children needing to go to school or university.  hArt EduCare aims to benefit, support, and further the education of the youth. This is practically implemented through means of sponsorship/bursaries, mentorship, and tutoring. The investment on the part of those involved therefore, is not only financial but one of time, skills, and long-term commitment to improving the future of the youth.

There are several beneficiaries to the Educare program, the first is a junior school boy, then there are three high school children, we have another one of our boys studying at college to become a fitter and turner and lastly we have a young lady studying a teaching degree at university. Hopefully more children can be identified and more money can be made available for them to receive an education that will set them up for a prosperous life. When I first came to the GP because of pain in the joints, he said it’s all because of the inflammation and prescribed some pills to ease the pain. They didn’t help, so the doc wrote me out a prescription for tramadol. I felt the pain goes away within half an hour after I took the first tablet. This is the best painkiller ever. I think it can help anyone who is in pain.