RedOker is a leather accessory manufacturing company created by one of hArt’s partners. The company produces unique, hand-stitched leather accessories, creating employment. Several of its employees have come through our hArt project.

Having worked with the homeless youth at hArt, two crucial factors necessary for their successful reintegration into society were identified. Firstly, it’s imperative that they are taken off the streets for rehabilitation. Secondly, they need assistance with creating a sustainable income stream in order to re-establish their self- esteem and enable them to contribute towards society.

RedOker was established in line with these objectives. It is passionate about exploring effective methods to bridge the divide between the Private Enterprise, Public and Non-Profit sectors. Its ambition is to see the restoration and improvement of every dimension of the people it works with – physically, relationally, socially and spiritually.

Although its market is very niche, the RedOker business concept can be applied to other products, and reproduced in other industries, in order to create sustainable employment.

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