Gabriel Praise Centre, is a Centre dedicated to freely housing care facilities for underprivileged children.
This Centre was opened in honour of the late Gabriel A. Ribeiro, who died after choking on a cherry pip on the 24th November 2011. Gabriel was 4years and 10months.

With a heart full of gratitude for Gabriel’s life and the honour of knowing and loving such an amazing little boy for nearly 5 years, we decided to name the centre after him.

We opened our first house in Primrose which houses a nursery school dedicated to educating the underprivileged children of the nearby informal settlements namely “Makausi Squatter Camp”. We work hand in hand with ‘Pebbles Primrose Nursery School’   (Previously known as hArt Day Centre) that runs the Early Development Centre.

It is our dream that this is but one of many facilities freely housed under the roof of Gabriel Praise Centre. That all children out there will feel loved and accepted just as our little Gabriel was loved. We believe all children deserve to be nurtured, educated and loved.