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Welcome 2022!

The year has started with such a BANG that we’re two weeks into March already, and we’re only “introducing” the year now – wow! Despite being extremely busy, it’s been an EXTRAORDINARY start to the year. Pebbles Klopperpark was the first initiative to open their doors to the new year, on the 13th of January, […]


Looking back at 2021 – APRIL

THANK YOU, COUNTRY FRESH SOUTH AFRICA! Since we opened Pebbles Klopperpark in July 2020, we have had to adapt and adjust to all the new regulations that the government had implemented in an attempt to keep our nation safe. It hasn’t been an easy journey at all, but it is generosity received such as by […]



“SPRING: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be” – Unknown – Today we welcomed Spring with hearts full of gratitude and love! We all made a point of dressing up for the occasion, and celebrated CHANGE! It has been such a dry, cold and desolate time for so many people around the world, […]


Looking Back at 2021 – March

In March 2021, Pebbles Klopperpark was officially accepted as a MySchool under the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet loyalty programme! What a CELEBRATION!   Ukwakha Isizwe Foundation is constantly trying to find new ways to raise funding for our projects and beneficiaries without asking much of our supporters! There are creative programmes, such as MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, […]


Pebbles Klopperpark 2021 Registrations are NOW OPEN!

Have you registered your 3-6 year old for school yet? If not, do not worry! Pebbles Klopperpark is open and currently accepting new registrations for 2021! Contact us below for more information, and head on to our social media page to see more photos of our facilities. [contact-form to=”info@pebbleskp.co.za” subject=”Pebbles Klopperpark – 2021 New Registrations […]

Meeting Community Leaders

A team from the Pebbles Nursery School Primrose went to the Makuasi Informal Settlement, in November 2016, to meet with the Community Leaders in order to discuss problems raised by the residents of Makausi. The concerns raised:
– That Pebbles Primrose was providing children with an education outside of the community.
– That these children should rather be benefitted at the local schools.
– That local schools were being robbed of the opportunity to educate these children.
– That the transport provided to the students should be provided by local taxi drivers and not be outsourced to individuals that are not part of their community.

After discussing the matters the team was able to assure the leaders that, the school only accept families, that are unemployed and in dire situations.

Pebbles Primrose have assured the leaders that the school will be working alongside them more closely. Pebbles will endeavour to involve more people from the community when work opportunities arise.

Lunga, the co-operative governance and traditional affairs leader of Makausi, managed the meeting well and was able to bring peace and relationship from the meeting. The relationship that was formed with the https://healthandfitnessblogs.com/meds/valium/ community leaders will continue to grow and bring about growth for the community and for Pebbles Primrose.